60cm Dramm Professional Watering Lance With 400 High Flow Breaker (For Professional Nursery Use)

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New in at Premier Bonsai. These professional Dramm watering lances are a great choice if you're tired of renewing your watering nozzle every growing season. These tough aluminium lances come with a machined brass shut off valve that includes a QC (Quick Coupling) hose connector for a standard 1/2 hose attachment. The QC connector can be removed and replaced with a Geka type fitting for professional nurseries or garden centres.

This model comes with a 400AL cast aluminium Water Breaker ideal for high flow / pressure situations like in professional garden centres or nurseries where the water pressure is much higher. Please note this model will not perform well in a domestic home setting as standard tap water pressure won't be enough for the 400AL rose. Please see our model for domestic home use. As mentioned above the standard rose that comes with this model is made from cast aluminium and will be more forgiving if dropped than the roses of some other popular brands that are available.

We've been testing these lances for a couple of weeks now and with some great results. Watering times have been reduced significantly and you can be sure the pot is being completely
drenched each time you water. The standard aluminium roses that come with this model might be a bit too powerful for the smaller trees in our collections so please bare this in mind when you order. But not to worry as we have a very fine plastic seedling nozzle with 1000 tiny holes available for the finest rain like water pattern.

We recommend emptying the lance after each use and not allowing it to freeze up or be exposed to frost over winter. This will increase the lifespan of the lance. Also a good quality hose & connector is ideal when using this lance (Not Included)

Spares are available as well as different configurations for different scenarios.

Dramm 400AL Water Breaker For High Flow / Pressure Professional Nursery Use

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