Dramm 1000 Plastic Water Breaker for Professional Lance

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This is probably the best rose attachment we have available for the Dramm professional watering lance. This plastic nozzle has 1000 tiny holes for a very fine rain like spray pattern.

This rose is compatible for professional nursery / garden centre use and domestic home use but requires a special filter attachment (not included) that screws to the handle. This is to catch any debris from the water supply. The filter can be taken out and cleaned when needed. The holes on this breaker are so fine that without the filter they would get clogged very quickly and would need cleaning out much more regularly.

We've been using this water breaker with filter attachment for a few weeks now and we can't recommend it enough. It really is a great optional extra for your Dramm professional watering lance.

Dramm 1000PL Water Breaker & Filter For Home & Professional Use

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