Palm Size Rectangular Bonsai Pot 9.9x6.5x4.8cm

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Hand Made Bonsai Pots
By Thor Holvila

More and more often I choose to carve out the pots from a single block of clay. It gives it a spontaneous organic character.
Design - Rectangular (Shohin)                                                                      
Edition - April 2016 Colours Of Clay
Clay - Lava Black
Fired Stoneware (Cone 7)

Width 99mm / 3.9 Inches
Depth 65mm / 2.5 Inches
Height 48mm / 1.9 Inches
Deep Inside 35mm /1.4 Inches
Thickness Rim 8mm / 0.3 Inches
Fantastic one off hand made bonsai pot by Swedish potter Thor Holvila
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