Premier Bonsai Standard Bonsai Soil Mix Akadama & Kyodama 50/50

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Premier Bonsai Soil Mixes

This standard Bonsai soil Mixes is ready to use right out the bag! No sifting or mess. A great all round soil mix suitable for most of your bonsai trees and plants. The mix consists of : 1/2 Double Red Line Akadama & 1/2 Kyodama

This is one of our premium Bonsai soil mixes. Ready to use straight out of the bag! No sifting and less mess. A great soil mix for species that like to be kept a little drier (For species that like more moisture simply add about 1/3 more Akadama!) This mix will give you much more control over watering your bonsai tree. This mix is great for species like Pine, Larch, Privet, Juniper. this mix will hold its structure for a long time and wont break down into mush. This mix is made up from premium substrates from Japan & the U.K.

1/2 Double Line Akadama

1/2 Kyodama

This combination is perfect as it allows some water retention whilst being very free draining, making over watering more difficult. The Kyodama is gritty and holds less water allowing for extra drainage. Akadama is more porous and holds onto more nutrient. This soil mix has all the properties your precious bonsai trees need to thrive.