Shaped Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia) Tree With Care Kit

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Bonsai Trees

Chinese Elm is one of the most popular species used for bonsai and is often one that people first encounter when first getting into bonsai. They are a great species that can e developed quite quickly.

Please Note - You will not receive the exact tree in the picture ut one from the same batch that is very similar.

 These trees are planted into a 14cm wide bonsai pot and are about 24cm high including the pot. in height.

Please note we feed our trees with Naruko outdoor bonsai feed. This can leave a black residue on the soil surface that can look unsightly. Don't worry this is perfectly normal and means the feed is breaking down and doing its job.

Please see our Chinese Elm Care Guide for information about caring for these bonsai trees.


Our indoor bonsai trees come with a basic care guide that should help you on your way. this package also includes a basic bonsai maintenance kit containing a ceramic drip tray, a bottle of liquid feed and a pair of fine trimming scissors.

Once your tree arrives remove it from the packaging trying to disturb the loose soil as little as possible. Once the tree is free from the packaging feel the soil to see if it needs some water. If the top layer is dry give the tree a good soaking and allow the excess water to drain from the bottom of the pot. Then place your tree into your chosen location. See our care guide for more information about Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifloria)

These trees can also be grown outdoors and often do better when done so.

Please Note - We can't ship live bonsai trees outside of the U.K. This is due to customs restrictions. Please contact us if you are unsure. All other goods can be shipped worldwide

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