B4Me General Soil Mix-Regular 14 litres with added BioChar

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Premier Bonsai Soil


Grain size 2mm-10mm. Can be used straight from the bag without sieving, however, I would recommend mixing the soil a little further in case of settlement during shipping.

A blended substrate of volcanic rock, expanded clay, bark and BioChar/Activated Charcoal for growing bonsai, designed by professional bonsai artist Harry Harrington based on many years of experience.

The soil mix provides a structured, well-aerated environment that will not breakdown, with the addition of vegetative-based ingredients to ensure a healthy, invigorating biosphere for tree roots.

Added beneficial bacteria guards against root rot and encourages strong and healthy roots.

Grain size suitable for all pots except small (pots below 8”15cm) unless the larger grains are sieved out.


Although the main part of this mix consists of largely medium sized particles, there are also smaller grains of bark and BioChar that are intended to sit between the larger grains. What little dust there is in the soil mix will wash out after watering.


Volcanic rock and expanded clay to ensure permanent aeration and structure within the soil mass. The soil can’t break down with these components.

Importantly, the honeycombs of channels through each piece of rock and clay is large enough for roots to penetrate creating a labyrinth of fine feeder roots. Some fired clays such as molar have air holes within them that are too small for tree roots to grow within.

Vegetative-based particles of soil with similar attributes to akadama except that they will not break down. These vegetative-based particles are especially important for beneficial bacteria and fungi essential for all trees and plants.

Contains at least 5% horticultural BioChar. BioChar consists of negatively charged ions (as with akadama) that cleans and “locks up” chemicals from your water supply and is a huge source of carbon, essential for strong root growth.

The BioChar contains beneficial bacteria including Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Bacillus simplex, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Azotobacter chroococcum and rhizobia etc. Whilst Bacillus and Pseudomonas are general growth promotors for a range of plants, some more specific organisms that are particularly beneficial for Bonsai. These are activated from the point where we mix the soil, meaning that you receive an active substrate that is fully prepared for tree roots to grow into, rather than a sterile media.

I have many years experience of working with different soils and soil components, and have had the pleasure of repotting many different trees growing in different soil media, and have good experience of seeing what works and what does not work for bonsai!

Suitable for deciduous trees and coniferous trees of all sizes. For additional drainage in large containers or for a very fast draining soil mix, please see our Large Soil Mix. For additional water retention, a surface layer of akadama or fine pumice or BioChar can be added without fear of 'blinding' the rest of the soil mix.

Please do not ask for the precise ingredients of this soil mix, however rest assured I am very confident that your trees will thrive in it!