Dawn Redwood Outdoor Bonsai Tree

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Outdoor Deciduous

Bonsai Tree

Large Dawn Redwood Bonsai. 
Collection only from the Gloucestershire area. Cash on collection.

Height including the pot is 56” so needs a transit sized van to move it.
20cm across the trunk at soil level.

Pot is made from solid oak and marine ply, it measures

The tree was repotted this spring.

Contact Us at premierbonsai@hotmail.com for more information.

Link To Video Of The Tree

Updated Video Of The Tree.


Cultivation Notes

- This tree is an outdoor bonsai tree, it needs to be placed outside all year round. It needs the changes of seasons.

- This tree can be placed in both a sunny location or in partial shade. The sunnier the location the more water the tree will require.

- This tree is a deciduous tree meaning it looses it's leaves during the autumn.

- This plant can withstand light frost but will require protection during prolonged frosts.