240G BioGold Japanse Slow Release Bonsai Feed NPK 5.5/6.5/.3.5

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 Bonsai Feed & Fertilizer

This is BioGold, A 240g bag of Japanese slow release Organic feed for your outdoor bonsai Trees & Plants. A very popular choice by bonsai enthusiast It breaks down slowly over time and feeds your trees every time you water. It has an NPK of 6.5/5.5/3.5 We use this on our trees and it works wonders. It goes a quite far too. Using a slow release feed significantly reduces the risk of over feeding and burning the roots of your precious bonsai.

Quoting from the package:

"Biogold Series are consist of full organic fertilizer line ups and activator, which were specially produced for Bonsai, Roses, Orchids, Flowers, Trees, House Plants and Vegetables you have. These are totally in safely because of non-toxic."

"You will find that these Biogold Series will produce greener and healthier for any plants which you are growing. As a result you will find that healthier bulbs, ratio of flower buds per branch and greener of leaves. The know-how depending on the experiences of many professional growers in the world had been used for over 20 years as a business is fully utilized on our products. We are sure that from the beginner to the professional growers will be eager to use this product with full satisfaction."

"Quite Easy, Full Bloom. The ingredients of Biogold are consist of several selected kind of natural bacteria. The effect of fertilizing is not only manure but protection of soil acidity. Full Bloom and harvest: Well balanced natural vitamins and minerals, nitrogen, phosphoric acid, potassium, calcium and so on. You can keep neatly; no smell after spread water on the 'Biogold'. It does not get worms and meldews. Reduce to disinfect; It keep away from plant louses, slugs, ticks. Good for any plants; not necessary to buy other chemical fertilizer. Spread directly on the flower pot. Effect has been continued until Biogold is melted and disappeared."

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