5KG Green King Japanse Slow Release Bonsai Feed NPK 6:5:2

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 Bonsai Feed & Fertilizer

Green King is a natural organic Japanese fertiliser. It has an NPK of 6:5:2 plus trace elements including Magnesium. Amino Acids and Nucleic Acids are also present. Unlike some slow release feeds Green King is also ideal for indoor use as no fermentation gases are produced. Grain sizes are around 4x10mm. Green King helps promote vigorous root growth and assists with positive soil bacterial activity. For best results place in small piles on the soil surface and make sure the feed stays damp. If you have problems with animals taking feed from your pots then use with our feed baskets. Place some feed in the baskets with some chopped up sphagnum moss to help keep the feed damp and water as normal. Over time the feed will break down into the soil. We have been testing this feed out this year with some fantastic results. Tight compact growth can be achieved with this feed.



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