Bonsai Inspirations Volume 2 (2nd Edition) By Harry Harrington.

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Bonsai4me was initially launched as a website by its author, bonsai artist Harry Harrington, in Oct 2001 and from humble beginnings (the first 3 months saw a total of just 1000 visitors) the website has grown year-on-year as its reputation for clear, interesting and informative articles grew. now attracts over 1.5 million visitors every year from across the world.

The second book from Bonsai4me, 'Bonsai Inspirations 2' re-printed as a new 2nd Edition. With approx 40% new text and many new images. Updated Chapters covering a further 6 years of development of each tree, and a whole new Chapter covering the big Elm bonsai that features on the front cover of the book.

There is also a new article describing the whole process of carving and creating deadwood used by the author. Roughing-out, ageing and refining, and staining deadwood are all described in detail.

New cover and new ISBN

New version has 40% new pages. Updated text throughout.

All chapters updated with new text and images covering the further development of the trees in the past 6 years.

New Big Elm chapter

Detailed carving article describing the whole process. Roughing out, ageing and detailing, staining.

Published by and B4MePublishing

Paperback: 168 full colour pages, glossy paper

Dimensions: 280mm x 221mm x 12mm

Official Release date: Friday 22nd March 2019

ISBN: 978-953-56515-4-3