2 Hand Rectangular Pot 20.2x15.2x6cm

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Hand Made Bonsai Pots
By Thor Holvila

About the edition "Kumatani"
After returning from Japan and one month of working with Hidemi Kataoka in Tokoname I felt the urge to get back to basics, start from the ground with unglazed rectangles, skulls and roof tile red clay. What I brought back with me was not only new tools and new techniques, it was also a new approach to the art of pot making. Therefore I decided to put down a mark at this crossroad and move into the second generation of Thor pots. I therefore placed my chop in a blue rectangle that symbolizes my new found freedom in a limited space with clear borders. My universe to explore. This is also the first edition that is stamped with the chop that read in japanese ”Kumatani”, which translates to Valley Bear” A name I was given that describes my position in between the mountains of west and east. I therefore saw it fitting to name this edition Kumatani - Dalbjörnen.

Edition: January edition 2018 - Kumatani
Design: Rectangle
Clay: Roof tile red
Glaze: Unglazed
Fired: Fully vitrified frost resistant stoneware

Outside measurements
width: 200 mm / 8.1"
depth: 160 mm / 6.5"
height: 60 mm / 2.3”
deep inside: 37 mm / 1.5”

Thor's comment: "Returning to unglazed with this pot that has an aged feel and look to it. Incredible colours around the rim and sides from burnt ashes that crowns this pot made out of one block of roof tile red clay."






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