2 Hand Rectangular Pot 25x13.5x7cm

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Hand Made Bonsai Pots
By Thor Holvila

This pot was designed for one of our own trees but turned out to be a little to small so we are offering it for sale. This design is called 'Valhalla' meaning mushroom because of the shape of the lip of the pot. This pot did have a tree planted inside for a couple of weeks so technically it is used. This beautiful unique design made from Lava Black clay and has a lovely deep green / blue fountain glaze around the lip of the pot. The pot has 4 unique skulls feet adding to the uniqueness of this amazing bonsai pot.

Design: Rectangle
Clay: Lava Black
Glaze: Fountain Glaze
Fired: Frost proof stoneware

Outside measurements
width: 250 mm / 9.75"
depth: 135 mm / 5.25"
height: 70 mm / 2.75"

Inside Measurements

width 210 mm / 8.25''

depth 100 mm / 4''

deep inside: 50 mm / 2"








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