Rectagular Bonsai Pot 13.4x7.7x3.3cm

No 1704-02
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Hand Made Bonsai Pots
By Thor Holvila

Edition: April 2017 "Thaw"
“Det som göms i snö, kommer fram vid tö”, is a Swedish saying that means "Whats hidden in the snow will be revealed when it thaws." Inside and under the snow there is colours from dirt, dust and soil. Iron, ocra and brown hues that melts together with the snow into a unique palett. Although spring has come a long way for most, it is only now that it releases the grip of the north. For months, the cold has kept the land in captivity and when it releases it´s grip, man, animal and nature awakens again.. This edition is a tribute and a goodbye to winter. See you soon again my friend. 


 Design: Rectangle
Clay: Bone white
Glaze: White with crystals and ice blue pools
Fired: Frost proof stoneware, but due to cavitys in the clay and the crackled glaze I would recomend to protect it against the frost.

width: 134 mm / 5.2"
depth: 77 mm / 3.0"
height: 33 mm / 1.3"
deep inside: 19 mm / 0.7"