Anti-Transpirant Spray S600

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An extremely useful survival aid for all bonsai enthusiasts, anti-transpirant is essential for weak, newly potted or styled, sick or stressed, bonsai.
Anti-transpirant is sprayed over the foliage of the tree and reduces moisture loss by over 80%, reducing the stress on the rootsystem caused by moisture loss while the tree recovers.

Our Anti-Transpirant is decanted from a world-leading anti-transpirant product, normally only available in bulk (and considerable expense) to nurseries. Entirely safe to use on all plants, and entirely harmless, it allows the foliage to continue function normally so that it can still photosynthesise, while massively reducing moisture loss, by forming an invisible transparent coating over plant tissue.

Made from a natural pine oil emulsion that is non-hazardous, organic and biodegradable.

Can also be used to protect against frost/cold winds as well as extremes of heat in summer.
Protects plants when roots are frozen in the winter depriving them of their normal moisture intake as well as during periods of drought.

Comes ready-mixed in a 500ml spray bottle, ready to use.
Do not spray on roots!

Manufacturers Data: Contains 23% Di-1-p menthene. Not considered hazardous to bees or fish. Not flammable. Low toxicity – no known reports of poisoning. Wash hands and exposed skin after handling. Not classified as dangerous for supply or carriage.
Not damaged by freezing during storage. Indefinite shelf life.