Palm Size Skull / Crescent 8.5x10.6cm

No 1702-14
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Hand Made Bonsai Pots
By Thor Holvila

Edition: Feb 2017 "The Skull Pot"
Death is life. Our fascination with the skull may reflect the fact that we all are going to die, the ultimate justice. We can run but we can not hide. Our bodies will decompose and feed the next generation of life. If we can see the beauty in this, we can also see that the combination of a skull and a plant evokes emotion. The harmony in the composition is already there from the beginning.

The work of these skulls are constantly evolving. The first pieces I made was more abstract and resembled rocks and stones. Now they have become more realistic in both colour and form. But I can think that they one day will return to the shape of a stone in which you can imagine the eye sockets, teeth and broken bones.


Design: Skull Crescent
Clay: Bone White
Glaze: Unglazed
Frost proof stoneware

width: 85 mm / 3.3"
height: 106 mm / 4.2"
beginning of rim:  22 mm / 0.8"