USED Palm Size Rectangular Bonsai Pot 13x7x10cm

No 1701-10
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Hand Made Bonsai Pots
By Thor Holvila


Edition: Jan 2017 "Palm sized"
When I sculpt my big pots there is always a little piece of clay left over that I bring with me from the studio up to sit and work with under the kitchen light and allow my hands to work freely with. I love these little pots that often fit in the palm. They are exquisite to plant young swirling seedlings in , or chubby little mame and shohin. Some also serves excellent as accent pots. It is the bonsai enthusiast's own imagination that is the limit. My larger pots usually get a reclusive colour palette so that the do not steal to much attention from the tree, with these little colourful pots it is the opposite. They can instead highlight the plant and cause it to "pop out" for the viewer.


Design: Rectangular
Clay: Lava black
Glaze: deep blue green with cobalt streaks
Frost proof stoneware

length: 137 mm / 5.4"
depth: 100 mm / 3.9"
height: 42 mm / 1.6"
deep:  24 mm / 0.9"