Hand Size Rectangular Bonsai Pot 12.7x7x3.2cm

No 1612-40
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Hand Made Bonsai Pots
By Thor Holvila

Edition: Dec 2016 "Iceland"
This release is influenced and inspired by Icelands rugged climate and brutal shifts. Snow-capped mountain tops, hot geysers, glaciers, black lava fields and rocks covered in a green moss and active volcanoes made a strong impression on me when I was there in the fall of 2016. The living folklore and cultural history leading back to common ancestors and kinship affected me and my creations. That is why I have dedicated this edition to the barren island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Comment:  Iceland is a volcanic island and what is not covered by as glaciers and lakes exists of black lava fields with little or no vegetation. This pot, in black clay captures the feeling I got when I drove for miles across these plains. The feet have one of my new designs.

Design: Rectangular
Clay: Lava black
Glaze: Unglazed
Frost proof stoneware

length: 127 mm / 5"
depth: 70 mm / 2.7"
height: 32 mm / 1.3"
deep: 16 mm / 0.6"



Fantastic one off hand made bonsai pot by Swedish potter Thor Holvila