Mike Konig (Miko bonsai) bonsai tutorial videos #2 

We're very pleased to be able to share these pages of bonsai tutorial videos by Mike Konig. Mike was one of the first people that really inspired me to take my bonsai hobby more seriously. One of my First better quality trees came from Mike and after seeing his amazing collection of bonsai trees and the skills he had to train and care for them it changed everything for me. This helped pave the way for Premier Bonsai. I hope you find these videos as useful as i do :) Enjoy

Chinese Elm Tanuki #1

Creation of a shohin size wrap around or tanuki from a piece of deadwood and a Chinese Elm Cutting.

The deadwood is a piece of Hawthorn root which has been preserved with wood hardener some years ago and has been left to weather outside.

The cutting is from last spring and had a full growing season to establish good roots and is growing strongly.

Chinese Elm Tanuki Update #2

Just a quick update on the little Elm tanuki I started last year. It's coming on well and is on track for a first full styling early next year.

Chinese Elm Tanuki Update #3

Latest update on the Chinese Elm tanuki featured in two previous videos. No ready for a first styling by pruning.

Japanese Maple Defoliation

Describing the defoliation of one of my Japanese Mountain Maple to build ramification and reduce the leaf size.

Literati Spruce First Styling

First styling of a spruce to become a Literai style Bonsai. This is one of my entries for the current styling competition on the Wee Trees Forum.

I talk through the initial evaluation and subsequent styling decisions to clarify the reasons for those decision.

Group Plantings

As promised in an earlier video, here are a few of my more advanced group plantings, featuring two larch groups, a Korean Hornbeam group and a small three tree planting of Lonicera Nitidia.

Hornbeam Shoot Pruning

Demonstrating the spring pruning on a 15 year old European Hornbeam Bonsai.