Mike Konig (Miko bonsai) Bonsai tutorial Videos #1

We're very pleased to be able to share these pages of bonsai tutorial videos by Mike Konig. Mike was one of the first people that really inspired me to take my bonsai hobby more seriously. One of my first better quality trees came from Mike and after seeing his collection of amazing bonsai trees and the skills he had to train and care for them it changed everything for me. This helped pave the way for Premier Bonsai. I hope you find these videos as useful as i do :) Enjoy

Juniper Thinning

Thinning out the foliage on a small Blaauw Juniper. The foliage had grown quite strongly and made the tree look very top heavy.

Old Larch Restyling

Restyling an old and somewhat overgrown European Larch.  The first part of the video is made up of photos to show the preparation of the tree for styling.

Trident Maple Thread Graft

Rubbish weather continues, so I have taken some time to work on some of my raw material.  I thought this one may be interesting to some.  Thread grafting is an easy way improve bonsai material and a useful skill to practise.  While I was trimming the tree I also took some softwood cuttings.

Trees Prepared For Annual Bonsai Club Show

Just showing a few of the trees I have prepared for out bonsai clubs annual show this weekend.

Larch Trimming & Maple Update

Summer trimming of my Japanese Larch and a quick update on the defoliated Maple that was subject of an earlier video.

Japanese Larch Branch Refinement

The video shows the procedure of branch refinement to build ramification on Larch branches by removing the overly large branch tips and replacing them with finer growth from further back on the branch.

Larch Branch Refinement Update

 Update from above video.