Carving A Pot From One Piece Of Clay With Thor Holvila



With the latest edition of pots now available to pre order Thor has just released this video and we felt that it deserved a page of it's own in our article section. This is Thor hard at work carving a rectangular mame bonsai pot from one piece of clay. A truly fascinating video that gives a true insight into some of the techniques used by Thor when making his special bonsai pots. As you can see from the video each and every pot made by Thor has had his undivided attention during the making process. His passion for making these pots is truly inspirational.

A Few Words From Thor

''One old school technique for making a bonsai pot is to carve it out of one piece of clay. The advantage with this is that you don't get any joints that eventually can crack, the disadvantage is that it is very difficult to get a even thickness all around without cutting through the walls and ruin the pot. I made this video to show how to carve a rectangular mame''