Building Bonsai Pots With Thor Holvila

A couple of very interesting videos by Thor Holvila showing some of the techniques he uses when building his pots. These videos show Thor making pots from slabs and also using the pinching technique. We thought these videos would make a nice addition to our article page for any of the customers that have brought or are thinking of buying one of Thor's beautiful pots. Its great to see the processes used when these pots are being made. So much thought, work and effort goes into Thor's pots and each seems to tell a story of it's own.

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Making bonsai pots from slabs, without any use of moulds or slipcast.

Music "Alla sorger" by Kristian (Thor) Holvila Music    



Making Bonsai Pots Using Pinching Technique 


Music - 'Moder Jord" by Kristian (Thor) Holvila