Indoor Bonsai Trees

After lots of requests from customers we finally have a small indoor bonsai section. Although no bonsai really belongs indoors the species on this page will cope with indoor growing conditions. Some will also cope with being grown outdoors all year round and some will need to be protected from frosts. We are hoping to grow this section more in the future.

Please Note - Sold Signs Are Added To Trees Manually, This Can Result In Duplicated Orders. In These Cases Orders Will Be Honoured On A First Come First Served Basis. A Full Refund Will Be Given.


Please Note - Our Indoor Chinese Elms have now been moved to the outdoor page of bonsai trees. Our indoor Elms are grown outside all year round as we don't have the facilities to keep them inside during the winter. Now that autumn is around the corner the leaves have started to change colour and fall from the trees. This means if you buy one of our Chinese Elm trees from now until early spring time the chances are it will be leafless. Ideally you should keep the tree outside or in an unheated shed, garage or greenhouse during prolonged frosts until spring arrives and the tree leafs out again. Then the tree can be grown inside if desired. Doing this insures the tree goes through it's natural yearly cycle. When these trees are grow indoors from the end of summer to spring time you are effectively tricking the tree into thinking it's living in a semi / tropical location and the tree responds by keeping hold of more of it's leaves during autumn and winter. For outdoor species of bonsai like Pines & Junipers they can't and shouldn't be brought inside at any time of the year as they need the cold of winter to survive. Chinese Elms are know for growing indoor or outdoors. Although with the right care these trees can do well inside all year our personal opinion is these trees grow much better when grown outside year round with a little protection during the coldest months.