Premier Bonsai Soil Mixes

We Stock A Wide Range Of Bonsai Soil Mediums & Mixes, Straights Or Ready Mixed Soil For Use Right Out Of The Bag. No Sifting & Less Mess! You're Sure To Find The Perfect Soil For Your Bonsai Tree. We Only Stock Soils Tried And Tested.

A good quality soil is a must for the long term health of your bonsai tree. Garden centre / supermarket brought bonsai are often planted into a poor airless compacted media causing poor health, loss of vigour and eventually death. Airflow around the roots is vital for bonsai trees to thrive. Normal potting soil won't allow the roots to breath enough and it will compact very quickly. A good gritty free draining mix is what you need! How free draining depends on the species you are working with. A good water retentive but free draining mix also gives you more control over the watering needs of your bonsai, generally drying out easier than normal potting soil / compost. It insures the tree isn't sitting in wet soggy soil permanently. Most bonsai trees like to dry out a little between watering. There are exceptions. Again please look up the species you are working with for more detailed information on the watering needs or get in touch with us.

Please Be Aware - So called bonsai soils found in most garden centres in similar packaging to most generic composts & soils are nothing like the soil we're selling. These so called bonsai soils often have absolutely no free draining qualities meaning the soil will more than likely break down and compact very fast. They also stay too wet which will eventually cause poor health and loss of vigour.

Our premier soil mixes are formulated to meet the needs of your precious bonsai trees. We stock various different mixes. All are free draining and will last well. The Akadama in our mixes is top quality and harder than some other brands. This insures the mix won't break down as quick. Remember top quality soil is a must to keep your trees happy and healthy.


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