Welcome to Premier Bonsai. We're a mail order specialist in bonsai trees, tools, soils, re potting accessories, feeds & fertilisers, fine hand made pots and much more.

Here at Premier Bonsai we've tried to keep things simple. We hope you find our website easy to use. We've tried to make it as user friendly as possible, giving you all the relevant information as you navigate the pages. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know at premierbonsai@hotmail.com

After months of planning and hard work we are very pleased to have launched our brand new website. The old website was quite dated and was originally set up just to get

us going. By having our new website we think we'll be able to give you the customer a better deal, a more reliable, efficient and quicker service. We are a small family run business with a huge passion for bonsai. We're dedicated in bringing you the very best products and service possible. As a smaller company your orders mean that little bit more to us and we're able to make your shopping experience a bit more special and personal. Here at Premier Bonsai we guarantee a fast, friendly and reliable service. If you have any questions we'll do our best to answer them for you. All of our bonsai trees are hand picked for their unique qualities and characteristics. All trees are in peak health before being offered for sale.

We have all the essentials you'll need to care for and maintain your bonsai trees to the highest standard. Where possible we try to only stock items we have tried and tested ourselves. If you can't find what you're looking for or are looking for a particular tree just get in touch with us and we'll do our best to find it for you. Our range of stock is steadily growing all of the time so be sure to check in with us often to see our latest products.  


How To Order

On the left you will find our category menu where you'll see our products categorized. Simply add a product by clicking the 'add to cart' button. This will add the item to your basket and you can check out or continue shopping. If a product requires an option or choice to be selected you have to click the 'more details' tab to select the option or choice. When you are ready to check out click the 'shopping cart' tab at the top right of the page. On this page please select the country you wish to ship to and the shipping charges will be automatically calculated based on the size & weight of the item in your basket. Now you need to accept the terms & conditions and click the 'secure checkout' button. This will take you to our secure Santu page where you can fill out your shipping details. When you have entered your details click the 'send order' button and a secure PayPal page will open where you can log in or use a credit / debit card to pay the balance. Once we receive your order we'll manually send an invoice to let you know we have received your order. We will then process your order and update your shipping status accordingly. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Products marked in a green box with 'Awaiting Stock, Pre Orders Available' are items we are awaiting to restock. These items can still be ordered and are usually back in stock within 4 weeks. If your order contains items both in stock and awaiting stock we can arrange for the package to be split at no extra cost or they can all be sent together when all of your items are in stock. Please leave a note in your order with your preference.

We're pleased to now be offering some amazing bonsai pots by Graham Simpson of Dragonfly Bonsai Pots. These lovely pots have an earthy rustic charm and are hand made to the highest quality here in the U.K. Suitable for many species and styles of bonsai. Take a look at our dedicated Dragonfly Bonsai Pot page for more information.

Hand crafted wire tree sculptures created by UK artist Matthew Gollop. Created from hundreds of strands of wire which run from root to branch tip/ foliage cluster, the trees support themselves and no glue is used. Each tree sculpture is unique, just like the real thing!

Our Professional watering lances are available for professional nursery / garden centre use or domestic home use. High quality lances with cast aluminium water breakers as standard and a machined brass shut off valve. Comes with a 1/2 QC (Quick Coupling) as standard but is also compatible with a 'Geka' style fitting (not included)

We're pleased to be releasing a 2020 edition of 'special edition' Erin Bonsai pots. Over the past few of months Glyn & Victor have been very busy in the studio getting this batch of 'special edition' bonsai pots ready for us. These Special Edition pots can be difficult to get hold of at the best of times and usually sell very quickly, so we thought a big batch of 27 SE pots would give everyone a chance to get hold of one of these unique special bonsai pots. We have a mixture of styles and glazes to suit a wide range of tastes and trees.



 Outdoor Bonsai Trees

 We stock a wide range of outdoor bonsai trees and material. We have many of the most popular species of evergreen, flowering and deciduous trees. All of our trees are hand picked for their unique qualities and all trees are in peak health before being offered for sale.




Bonsai Soils

Probably one the most important things for successful bonsai cultivation is good quality free draining soil that's open enough to allow the roots to breathe and allow the pot to dry out a little between watering. It will also need to retain the right amount of moisture and nutrients between watering. We stock some of the most popular brands on the market as well as our own ready to use soil mixes. Click the link above for more information.

Double Red Line Akadama

Kanauma (Acidic Soil)

Fine Shohin Grade Akadama

We Have a huge range of bonsai tools that seems to be expanding all of the time. Our budget range of bonsai tools are very popular with beginners and people on a budget as they pack a punch for the price. We also stock fine quality Japanese tools made to the highest standard from Japanese steel, for when only the best will do. What ever bonsai tool you're looking for we're sure you'll find it here!


Ryuga bonsai tools are very popular and are our fasted selling bonsai tool line. They come in both stainless steel and black carbon steel. Both versions are equal in quality but the black carbon steel versions are a little cheaper. Of course the stainless steel versions feel great to use and look great but the black carbon steel versions will do exactly the same job and are also a fantastic choice. Ryuga have a great range of bonsai tools & accessories available now.

Yagimitsu Bonsai Tools

Yagimitsu bonsai tools are from our premium range of Japanese bonsai tools. Their made from high quality Japanese steel and are some of the very best tools available. They come in both stainless steel and black carbon steel. If cared for in the correct way these tools can last a life time.


New in at Premier Bonsai a selection of power carving tool bits including the Nibbler R & Nibbler T in two different sizes. Used and approved by Harry Harrington and many others. Our range of power tool carving bits isn't the biggest but the bits we have are high quality, very popular and used by many.

Bonsai Repotting Supplies

 Repotting your bonsai tree is also a very important part of keeping bonsai over a long period of time. As your tree grows so do the roots. If you don't repot your bonsai it will eventually become pot bound and the health of the tree can slowly deteriorate and may even die. Root pruning and a fresh pot of soil will insure your bonsai tree stays in peak health. Generally you should repot in early spring just as the tree is waking up from dormancy or as the buds start to swell but before the leaves are opening. Check what species you are working with for more detailed information about when to repot as timing for some species does vary a little. Autumn repotting is also suitable for some species. Only repot if the tree needs to be repotted.



Bonsai Pots, Training Pots & Drip Trays


 We have a large selection of bonsai pots, training pots & ceramic drip trays. We have standard quality pots and higher quality pots available for sale in this section. If you have trees in training then be sure to have a look at our range of high quality rigid plastic training pots as these are sure to get your bonsai material on the right path. We also stock a range of plastic & ceramic drip trays. All ceramics are fired to be frost proof and all pots have wire & or draining holes.


Bonsai Fertiliser / Feed

 Feeding your bonsai tree is vital for the long term health of the plant. How you feed depends on the particular spewhat you want to achieve. Generally you should feed throughout the growing season (March to September ish) with a good balanced fertiliser. Fertilisers have an NPK This stands for the amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash (Potassium) A balanced feed will have an NPK of something like 5:5:5 or 10:10:10


A new 2nd Edition of the third book from Bonsai4me and Harry Harrington, 'The Foundations of Bonsai'. The Foundations of Bonsai' is the ideal book for beginners to intermediate enthusiasts wishing to learn the best ways to keep their trees healthy and vigorous. From root-pruning to repotting, pruning to wiring to basic bonsai design, this book provides complete, straightforward and solid information from the author of Bonsai4me.com. This new Edition features 16 new pages of images aimed at inspiring the reader, and updated articles to reflect the continued advances in Bonsai Knowledge in the West.

We have a nice selection of bonsai pot by Swedish potter Thor Holvila. These pots are hand crafted and each is unique.

New 2020

Bonsai Books

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Bonsai Books

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Bonsai Books

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Hand Made Bonsai Pots
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