Lava Black Unglazed Round Nidhogg Pot

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Made To Order Pot By Thor Holvila

This Unglazed round lava black nidhogg pot needs little introduction. By far one the most popular and well known signature pots from Thor. This hand sculptured pot depicts the snake dragon Nidhögg who is, according to norse mythology, guarding the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil. It is made free hand without any templates.

Please Note the measurements are in inches and are taken from the outside of the pot.

This pot is available in these sizes

6x6x2.5 Inches

8x8x3 Inches

10x10x3 Inches

12x12x3.5 Inches

14x14x4 Inches

16x16x4 Inches

20x20x5 Inches

After you've placed your order the pot will take approximately one month to be made and shipped to you (with the exception of all 20 inch pots & 16 Inch rectangular pots, see below) If for any reason you're unhappy with the finished pot or if the pot is damaged in transit you can ship it back to us for a full refund or exchange. Pictures of the finished pot will be provided before we ship it out. 


Please Note - All of the 20 Inch pots & the 16 Inch Rectangular pots will take approximately 6 months to to be made & shipped. This is because a larger kiln must be used when firing these large pots. In these cases we will take a 50% deposit with the other 50% payable when the pot is ready for shipping. The full prices are listed on the website. Please use our postal vouchers to pay the 50% deposit leaving a note for us with reference to the pot model, size & glaze options you want, or contact us about the order so we can discuss the details further.


Worldwide shipping is included in the price of the pot.

You should note that each pot will differ from the last so no two pots are exactly the same. The design will be the same but each pot will have it's own unique distinguishing features.
About Thor Signature pots

Thor Signatures are handmade pots made by Thor Holvila in designs and glazes that have become Thor trademarks and can be repeated with a similar result in design and glaze, although all Thor pots wear their own unique expression.
Thor Signatures came to be since there is a high demand for certain models and glazes in certain sizes.
Their should always be a Thor Signature in stock, if not they are made on demand and delivered made to order.