Palm Size Rectangular Bonsai Pot 8.8x6.6x4.5cm

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Hand Made Bonsai Pots
By Thor Holvila


Custom made for Premier Bonsai, A solid pot that stands proud on all four feet. Strong lines with stunning hues of blue and cobalt lines running through it. This pot would suit many species. Anything with bright green foliage would contrast really well with the colours.

Edition - May 2016 'Ox Blood & Fire'
Clay - Roof Tile Red
Fired Stoneware (Cone 7)
Width 88mm /  3.5 Inches
Depth 66mm /  2.6 Inches
Height 45mm /  1.8 Inches
Deep Inside 30mm/  1.2 Inches
Thickness Rim 9mm /  0.34 Inches