Cotoneaster Outdoor Bonsai Tree No16

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Outdoor Flowering
Bonsai Tree

Nice shohin size Cotoneaster imported from Japan. This is a fantastic species for bonsai with it's small leaves and fine twiggy growth. regular pruning will help build a fine twiggy branch structure in very little time. This tree needs to be grown outside all year around. The tree will withstand some frost but might need protection during prolonged bad weather. Protection during the worst of the weather can be done by bringing into an unheated room, shed, greenhouse or garage. If maintained correctly this tree will flower.

The tree is about 17cm tall including the pot and is 13cm wide. The pot measures 13x10x5cm


 The Tree You See Is The Tree You Get


Cultivation Notes

- Outdoor bonsai need to be placed outdoor all year round. They need the change of seasons.

- This tree will withstand some frost.

-The plant can be placed both in a sunny and in a partially shaded location. The sunnier it is, the more water it needs.

- This tree is a flowering bonsai.

- This tree is a deciduous tree meaning this plant sheds its leaves during the winter months.