Korean Hornbeam (Carpinus Turczaninowii) Outdoor Bonsai Tree No 30

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Outdoor Deciduous
Bonsai Tree

Very nice Korean Hornbeam imported from Japan. These trees are from a batch of trees new in at Premier Bonsai. They are very elegant looking and ready for refinement. They produce stunning fall colour and are fairly easy to grow. Allow new shoots to extend before pruning back. We don't get so many Hornbeam's pass through our doors and I'm fairly sure these will be sold fairly quickly.


The tree stands about 47cm high and is 24cm wide. The pot measures 21x17x6cm



Cultivation Notes

- This tree needs to be placed outside all year round

- This tree can be placed in full sun or partial shade

- This tree has an average water demand

- This is a deciduous bonsai and will loose it's leaves in the fall

- This tree can withstand some frost. A little protection during extreme weather will be appreciated.