Small Wire Tree Sculpture on Deadwood

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Metal Bonsai Trees

This is a petite, dark green and very elegant little wire tree sculpture. The darkness of the tree is really brought out by the bleached white of the deadwood it is growing around. This is different from sharimiki; where an element of the tree itself is crafted to become deadwood. This is more of a symbiosis where the tree is growing off the wood, and the wood is being held up and supported by the tree.

I love the pot I have based this wire tree sculpture in. It is dark grey, with a gorgeous little black, bonsai inspired design on it. I usually prefer plain glazed pots, but this pot really suits the small tree growing out of the deadwood. It adds a level of complexity to the sculpture and brings another color into the palette that really works. To finish off this wire tree sculpture I have added flock for a moss effect.

If you have any questions about this artwork, or any other pieces in my store do not hesitate to contact me.


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