Formal Upright Aged Wire Tree Sculpture

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Metal Bonsai Trees

This sculpture is a truly unique aged wire tree mounted on a light wooden plinth. Originally crafted from copper wire, this bonsai has then undergone a transformation to make it look naturally aged.

To begin this aged wire tree sculpture I created a formal upright bonsai from copper strands. I crafted my signature clumped foliage and the tree stands tall and proud. It has been mounted on a square light wooden plinth; specifically selected to make the wire stand out and to be a contrasting color once the tree was finished.

After hours were spent creating the bonsai tree the nerve wracking moment came to age the sculpture. You have one shot at aging wire, if you make a mistake it is not recoverable. Consequently, this step was done carefully and nervously! I applied liver of sulfur to accelerate the oxidization process and age the wire tree. This was monitored closely and once the formal upright bonsai had the appropriate aged appearance I stopped the reaction. The final stage in the ageing process was to apply a protective coating to the wire. The reason for this is to ensure the aged wire tree will not oxidize further. After a few hours of work the tree had the appearance of spending a few decades braving the elements.

Choosing a light wooden plinth has really paid off. It beautifully contrasts the dark, oxidized copper wire.


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