Japanese Shohin / Fine Grade Akadama Bonsai / Plant Soil (You Pick The Size)

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Bonsai Growing
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Premium Quality Fine Grade Japanese Akadama Bonsai Soil

This soil can be used with most bonsai species. It's a great free draining soil. It also holds in moisture too. It's open free draining structure promotes healthy root growth and allows the roots to breath Significantly reducing the risk of over watering & root rot.

This fine grade Akadama great for shohin size bonsai or as a top dressing for all other sized bonsai. This can transform the look of a bonsai when used as a top dressing.  This is the Ibaraki brand and is harder and holds it's structure better than some other brands available.

Please note : This option of fine grade Akadama is decanted from our larger 14Ltr sacks into the size you choose.

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