Kyodama (Grit) Soil (You Pick The Size)

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Bonsai Growing
Media Substrates

Premium Quality Japanese Kyodama Bonsai (Grit) Soil

Use on it's own or mix 50/50 with Akadama.

For a standard bonsai soil mix use 1/3 Kyodama, 1/3 Akadama 1/3 John Inns No 2

Kyodama is like grit. It really helps with draining the water from your soil.

It doesn't break down so It can be sifted out and reused!

Please note : This option of Kyodama is decanted from our larger 14Ltr sacks into the size you choose.



- Superior Water Retention

- Free Draining

- Helps Promote Vigorous Root Development

- Helps Deter Slugs, Snails & Root Aphids

- Will Not Break Down Of Compact

- Use Neat Or Mix With Other Mediums

- Minimum Wastage

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