Japanese White Pine (Pinus Parviflora) Bonsai Tree Imported From Japan

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Outdoor Evergreen
Bonsai Tree

Absolutely Stunning and very unique Japanese White Pine (Pinus Parviflora) bonsai tree imported from Japan in 2016. The tree was styled by Harry Harrington (Bonsai4me) The bottom branch to the right is not part of the design and should be removed in the future after the tree has recovered from this session of work. The longer the branch is left the better. We decided to leave it as a lower branch with lots of foliage was removed and we didn't want to push the tree too far in one sitting. The tree is fully wired and that should be lest on as long as possible to insure the branches set into place. If you buy this tree you should be familiar with removing wire from bonsai trees. It has a lovely trunk with incredible taper and a stunning nebari that is about 10 inches at its widest point. Pines with taper and nebari like this are far and few between. There are lots of Jin adding to the uniqueness of this stunning tree. The tree is incredibly healthy and has grown very well this season. This is a rare opportunity to own a fantastic tree styled by one of the UK's leading bonsai artists. If you have any questions about this tree please get in touch.

The tree sits about 19 inches above its pot and is about 10 inches wide. The pot is 12.5x9.5 and 3.5 inches deep.

The nebari is 10 inches at its widest point.

 Please Contact us for more info regarding this tree P.O.A

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Cultivation Notes

- This Outdoor bonsai tree needs to be placed outside all year round. It needs the cold of winter to become dormant and have a rest period.

- This bonsai likes to be kept a little drier than some other species. Allow pot to dry somewhat between watering and never keep too wet.

- This is an evergreen bonsai meaning it doesn't shed all of its leaves during the winter months.

- September / October White Pine Bonsai shed previous years needles. They turn yellow and fall. this is perfectly normal and a good tine to give the bonsai tree a clean up. Only worry if needles on the tips of branches turn yellow! Previous years needles are further back on the branches.

 - This bonsai is frost hardy