Itoigawa Juniper Bonsai Tree

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Outdoor Evergreen
Bonsai Tree

Fantastic Itoigawa Juniper

Fantastic Itoigawa Juniper imported from Japan in 2019. Superb nursery grown material with everything in place it needs to become a high quality and very desirable little bonsai tree. Lovely twisted trunk with shari's and Jin's. Itoigawa has lovely bright green foliage and is one of the most sort after foliage type when looking for Junipers. With regular pruning it creates very tight foliage pads in no time. This tree needs minimum work to get it in great shape. If we get around to doing the work ourselves the price will be increased.


This tree sits about 30cm above its training pot and is about 37cm wide. The nebari measures about 10cm at it's widest point and the pot measures 25x11cm.


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Cultivation Notes

- This Outdoor bonsai tree needs to be placed outside all year round. It needs the cold of winter to become dormant and have a rest period.

- This bonsai likes to be kept a little drier than some other species. Allow pot to dry somewhat between watering and never keep too wet.

- This is an evergreen bonsai meaning it doesn't shed all of its leaves during the winter months.

- September / October White Pine Bonsai shed previous years needles. They turn yellow and fall. this is perfectly normal and a good tine to give the bonsai tree a clean up. Only worry if needles on the tips of branches turn yellow! Previous years needles are further back on the branches.

- This bonsai is frost hardy



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