Cork Bark Elm Outdoor Bonsai Tree

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Outdoor Deciduous
Bonsai Tree

A very nice Cork Bark Elm imported from Japan this year. A good size tree, we only usually get shohin size Cork Bark's so this tree is somewhat rare for us hear at Premier Bonsai. Fast growing material that develops quickly. fantastic old craggy bark adds age and character to this tree. Smaller leaves are easily achieved by regularly pruning. Nice size trunk for the height of the tree and lots of branches to work with.

The tree sits about 32cm above it's plastic training pot and is about 30cm wide. The nebari is about 10cm at it's widest point. The pot measures 30x24x9cm.

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Cultivation Notes

- Outdoor bonsai need to be placed outdoor all year round. They need the change of seasons.

- The plant can be placed both in a sunny and in a partially shaded location. The sunnier it is, the more water it needs

- This plant has an average water demand

- This tree does not bloom

- This tree is a deciduous tree meaning this plant sheds its leaves during the winter months.

- This tree can tolerate some frost