Acer Palmatum (Kashima) Outdoor Bonsai Tree

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Outdoor Deciduous

Bonsai Tree

Acer Palmatum (Kashima) is a dwarf verity highly prized for it's natural fine twiggy and compact growth. Small leaves and small nodes. A fantastic example imported from Japan in 2019. This tree is very healthy and is set to have a great growing season. Buds are starting to swell and the tree will be in full leaf very soon. We will update the pictures when this happens. The tree has a very nice nebari that measures about 9.5cm at it's widest point. The nebari has started to produce a nice buttress effect that with the correct training will improve in years to come. The tree has great branch placement and lots to work with. Japanese Maples imported from Japan have become increasingly more expensive over the past few years and so when we buy them we try to get the best examples available at the best price we can. It was hard to capture the true beauty of this tree in the pictures. The lower trunk has lovely subtle movement with a nice colour that adds age to the tree.

The tree sits 37cm above it's terracotta training pot and is about 40cm wide. The pot measures 28x13cm.

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Cultivation Notes

- This tree is an outdoor bonsai tree, it needs to be placed outside all year round. It needs the changes of seasons.

- This tree can be placed in both a sunny location or in partial shade. The sunnier the location the more water the tree will require.

- This tree is a deciduous tree meaning it looses it's leaves during the autumn.

- This plant can withstand light frost but will require protection during prolonged frosts.