Acer Palmatum (Kiyohime Maple) Outdoor Bonsai Tree No 38

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Outdoor Deciduous

Bonsai Tree

This is a very sweet little Kiyohime Maple bonsai tree. This tree needs to be kept outside all year round. It's very healthy and growing well. Buds are just starting to swell so it will be in leaf very soon. The tree has a great overall shape. Kiyohime Maples appreciate a little protection during the hottest months to prevent the leaves from scorching. Placing in partial shade and not allowing the pot to fully dry out will help the tree do well. With some time and the correct care this little tree will become a very nice little broom style shohin bonsai.

The tree sits 18cm above it's training pot and is about 9cm wide. the pot measures 20x9cm.

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Cultivation Notes

- This tree is an outdoor bonsai tree, it needs to be placed outside all year round. It needs the changes of seasons.

- This tree can be placed in both a sunny location or in partial shade.

- This tree has average water demands

- This tree is a deciduous tree.

- This plant can withstand some frost but should be protected during prolonged frost.