Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia) Tree No31

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Bonsai Trees

The tree you see above is the tree you get! These trees are the next size up from the Elm's planted into the 13cm Pots. The trunks are thicker and branches are generally more developed. These trees are planted into a 16cm bonsai pot and range from about 25 to 38cm in height. If you want to know the exact measurements of a particular tree please take note of the tree number and contact us for more information.

Please note we feed our trees with Naruko outdoor bonsai feed. This can leave a black residue on the soil surface that can look unsightly. Don't worry this is perfectly normal and means the feed is breaking down and doing its job.

Please see our Chinese Elm Care Guide for information about caring for these bonsai trees.

Premier Bonsai - Indoor Bonsai

What makes our indoor bonsai different from most others available for sale? Our indoor bonsai have had a little care and attention go into them before being offered for sale. Why is this the case? We do this to try and insure a higher success rate with beginners. Most indoor bonsai available for sale are planted unsecured in boring generic pots with no potting mesh installed and are usually planted into soil that isn’t beneficial for the long term health of the plant. The soil that these little trees are imported with can hold more moisture than necessary and break down very quickly, much like normal potting soil you use for planters etc…. On the other hand when this type of soil is compacted and broken down it can make it difficult for water to penetrate the soil surface creating dry pockets or even completely dry soil a few millimetres below the surface giving you a false sense of security in thinking your tree is well watered when in fact it’s not. These trees are planted into this kind of soil for when they are imported from places like China & Korea. This soil is perfect for its journey overseas but should be replaced at the nearest opportunity. We realise this can be daunting for beginners so we thought we’d take the worry away. Every tree is planted into a brand new bonsai pot in a high quality soil mix that will hold its structure for much longer allowing the roots to breathe between watering and allowing you to learn about your bonsai tree before you have to perform any major tasks like repotting. You tree shouldn’t need repotting for between 1 and 2 seasons. Having a very open and gritty soil mix gives you much more control over the moisture levels and makes over watering much more difficult (Great for beginners). It also means that these trees can dry out quicker and feed can get washed away quickly so you will need to bare this in mind when deciding how to water and feed your little tree.

Standard soil these trees are imported with 

Our Bonsai Soil Mix

Our indoor bonsai trees come with potting mesh installed to insure the drainage hole doesn’t get clogged and so that any excess water can escape from the bottom of the pot and allow fresh oxygen to enter. It’s important for trees to be anchored into the pot so each tree is secured into the pot with 1.5mm aluminium wire. Most trees like these that get sold can be lifted right out of the pot but with a very open and gritty soil mix like ours this isn’t possible so it’s best to anchor the tree for stability. If you look on the underside of the pot you will see how we have anchored these trees to a pot with just 1 drainage hole.

  All of our indoor bonsai trees have been allowed to rest and recover from repotting before being offered for sale.

Potting mesh installed to the drainage hole

Potting mesh secured with 2.5mm Wire

1.5mm Wire to Anchor The tree

Wire on the underside for proper stability

Our indoor bonsai trees come with a basic care guide that should help you on your way. We also provide a small top up bag of soil in case any is lost on its journey to you or in case any is washed away when first watering.

Once your tree arrives remove it from the packaging trying to disturb the loose soil as little as possible. Once the tree is free from the packaging feel the soil to see if it needs some water. If the top layer is dry give the tree a good soaking and allow the excess water to drain from the bottom of the pot. Then place your tree into your chosen location. See our care guide for more information about Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifloria)

Please Note - We can't ship live bonsai trees outside of the EU. This is due to customs restrictions. Please contact us if you are unsure. All other goods can be shipped worldwide

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