Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia) No3

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The Tree You See Is The Tree You Get!

Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia) can be grown indoors or outdoors. It should be noted that if grown outdoors these trees will grow much more vigorously as the growing conditions are more natural. You should know that there really isn't any such thing as an indoor bonsai, It's just that some species will cope with indoor growing conditions. If grown outdoors the tree will need to spend the whole of autumn outside to acclimatise. If the tree hasn't been acclimatise and is placed outside mid winter the tree is likely to die.

If grown indoors place the tree in a sunny window away from any drafts and any artificial sources of heat like Tv's and radiators. Don't allow the tree to fully dry out and in turn don't allow the tree to stay too wet. Finding a good balance is very important. We recommend allowing the soil surface to dry a little between watering. For growing indoors we recommend using our Liquid Feed during the growing season. Also expect to loose some leaves during the cold months. To insure the health of the tree it is a good idea to place your tree outside from late spring (after the last frosts have finished) through to the end of summer so it receives plenty of natural light and good air circulation.

If acclimatised and grown outdoors place in full sun or partial shade. Remember the sunnier the location the tree is growing in the more water it will require. If the tree is acclimatised properly these trees will withstand light frosts. Whenever there is a heavy frost due it is a good idea to move the tree into an unheated shed, outhouse or garage to protect from the worst of the weather. Once the frost has let up the tree can be placed outside again. If grown outdoors expect the tree to shed it's leaves in the autumn like any other deciduous tree. Once spring arrives the tree will leaf out again. For growing outdoors we recommend using our Naruko Slow Release Feed during the growing season.

When growing indoors you are effectively tricking the tree into thinking it's living in a semi / tropical location and leaf shed should be minimal. 

In our opinion when trees like this are grown outdoors and are given a proper dormancy (rest period) through the winter they grow much more vigorously once spring rolls around.

When watering you need to be willing to adjust from day to day. NEVER water to a schedule because the watering requirements will change on a daily basis depending on the growing conditions. Instead you should make a schedule for checking to see if the tree needs water or not.

You should note that all of our indoor Chinese Elms are actually grown outside all year round so if you buy from September to March expect these trees to have no leaves. If brought inside within a few weeks the tree should leaf out again. If kept outdoors the tree will leaf out again once spring comes around.

These trees are great for beginners and make great gifts for loved ones. They are easy to grow and care for and are perfect material to learn about pruning and general bonsai tasks. Keeping the soil surface free of dead leaves and broken twigs etc... will do the tree no end of good and deter and potential pests. If any bug or fungal problems do occur spray with a suitable product.

This tree sits about 12 inches above it's pot and is about 9 inches wide. The pot measures 5.5 x 4 inches.