Bonsai Basics The Foundations Of Bonsai By Harry Harrington.

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The third book from Bonsai4me and Harry Harrington, 'Bonsai Basics: The Foundations of Bonsai' based on the book 'Bonsai Basics', previously only available as an e-book.

"Upon finding that I work as a professional bonsai artist, many people will remark that they once had a bonsai, but it died and with some regret, they gave up".

Based on the Bonsai Basics section of the hugely successful website and an e-book of the same name, the text and information contained within 'Bonsai Basics: The Foundations of Bonsai' the paperback has been written and developed over the past 15 years.

It is hoped that this book, 'Bonsai Basics: The Foundations of Bonsai', will arm those new to bonsai, as well as experienced enthusiasts still using outdated techniques, with a solid foundation of knowledge. And that this will enable them to successfully keep their bonsai alive and healthy, through very simple practises, and continue to enjoy, what for many that practise the Art, is a life-long passion.

  • Published by and B4MePublishing
  • Paperback: 120 full colour pages, glossy paper
  • Dimensions: 280mm x 221mm x 8mm
  • Publishing date: Friday 27th March 2015
  • ISBN 978-953-56515-3-6